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Surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing has changed significantly over the past five years. Benefits of SMT include: circuit board size reduction, increased component density, increased I/O per board, weight reduction and increased reliability. The first surface mount designs consisted of 50-mil pitch (spacing from lead center to lead center) components, both leadless and leaded.

Demand for technology improvements in all areas lead to fine pitch components. Manufacturing product became a challenge. Process control became important for manufacturing high reliability SMT product in a high volume environment. Although process control is important in any manufacturing environment, it is especially significant in high reliability SMT.

Reliability testing of initial SMT showed problems with leadless components. Differences in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) was the most common cause of solder joint failure. The next generation of surface mount design went to leaded components to combat the CTE problem. Component leads can absorb stress caused during expansion and contraction cycles.



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