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The impending phaseout of chlorofluorocarbon-based solvents has spawned a new generation of fluxes called "low residue," or "no-clean."  These fluxes are designed to leave little or no residues upon completion of the soldering process.  Any residue left is benign and should not degrade the reliability of the printed wiring assemblies (PWA).  One concern with these residues, however, is with the adhesion of the protective conformal coating that is sometimes applied to the PWA to protect it from harsh environmental conditions.  In a three-phase effort, the Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF) evaluated the adhesion and performance of traditional and low volatile organic compound (VOC) conformal coatings when applied over test coupons and mixed technology PWAs manufactured with low residue fluxes and pastes.  This study evaluated conformal coating adhesion to common printed circuit materials such as bare copper, hot air solder leveled (HASL), photoimageable (PI) solder mask, and dry film solder mask when processed with low residue fluxes.  Test coupons were environmentally stressed and compared to coupons processed with a control group containing no flux and paste residues.  Unfortunately, this paper was due before all of the data for Phase 3 was analyzed and conclusions could be drawn.  All laboratory testing, ESS, SIR, and adhesion testing is complete, and the data will be presented at the conference.  This paper details the research plan and methodology.


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