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The U.S. Navy’s Benchmarking and Best Practices Center of Excellence (B2PCOE) Manufacturing Fuel Cell Manhattan Project (MFCMP) utilized experts from industry, government, and academia, in conjunction with Montana Tech of The University of Montana (MTT) to determine the major fuel cell manufacturing cost drivers, gaps, and best practices. The result provides a broad and detailed account of the issues associated with developing cost effective fuel cell systems for warfighter platforms. These manufacturing issues are identified in the MFCMP book, along with a roadmap to address the cost drivers.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Military Perspective on Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell Manufacturing Overview
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)
Bipolar Plates
Proposed Projects for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
Ceramic Fuel Cells
Planar SOFCs
Tubular Fuel Cells
Proposed Projects for Ceramic Fuel Cells
Balance of Plant
Reactant Management
Power Management
Controls and Software
Mechanicals and Packaging
Thermal Management
Proposed Projects for Balance of Plant
Fuel Processing
Desulfurization of Military Fuels for use in Fuel Cell Power Systems
Reformate Purification
Proposed Projects for Fuel Processing
Gaps and Issues
Project Synopsis
Balance of Plant Projects
MEA Catalyst Reduction and Efficiency Projects
Alternate Materials and Coatings Projects
Quality Control and Defining Specifications Projects
Fuel Processing Projects
Global Projects
Appendix A: Project Descriptions
Polymer Fuel Cell Project Descriptions
Ceramic Fuel Cell Project Descriptions
Balance of Plant Fuel Cell Project Descriptions
Fuel Processing Project Descriptions
Appendix B: Tables of Manufacturing Gaps
Appendix C: Biographies
Appendix D: References
Fuel Primer
Full color images and graphs are provided. 358 pages. Released June 2012.


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