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Solder Analysis

ACI Technologies, Inc. (ACI) offers solder content analyses of solder pot samples. Samples from the solder pot mailed to ACI are analyzed spectrographically to determine concentrations for the following elements: arsenic, antimony, gold, iron, nickel, bismuth, aluminum, copper, silver, zinc, cadmium, indium, sulfur, and phosphorus in addition to tin and lead.

This solder analytical service is used to assure that the solder pot has not become contaminated. Periodic testing will insure the correct balance of tin/lead (SnPb) for SnPb solders and the correct balance of metals in lead-free solders. Maintaining proper metal levels in the solder bath will reduce production rejects.

Solder Contamination Issues

The solder pot can become contaminated from component finishes leaching into the solder pot, from improper maintenance of the solder pot, or from poor operator training. For example, an operator may mistakenly scrape SnPb solder splash and/or put a SnPb solder bar into a lead-free solder pot. Two SnPb solder bars are enough to raise the lead content of an 800 pound lead-free solder pot over the 0.1% RoHS directive limit.

Impurities can affect melting point, solder tension, and wetting of the solder. Typical production defects possibly resulting from contaminated solder pots are icicling, bridging, pin-holing, webbing, and poor joint connections. To gain control of contamination in wave or a selective soldering process, ACI recommends performing solder alloy analysis on a weekly basis to determine the rate at which the solder pot becomes contaminated. After six or eight weeks of gathering data, the solder pot analysis can be adjusted accordingly based on the rate of contamination but it should never exceed a six month period without analysis.


The “Solder Analysis Report” will compare measurements of the solder sample against industry standards IPC J-STD-001. The report will be emailed to the customer three (3) business days after receipt of the solder sample.

Turnaround time is three (3) days from receipt of materials.

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Solder Analysis
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